About me

As a young kid I was always tinkering and making things, I glued small magnets on toy cars to make more efficient cars and at the age of 6 I drew my first perspective drawing.

Educated as a product designer I love to come up with new crazy but innovative ideas, from windmills in pylons to giving someone a voice by throwing garbage. By turning these ideas into prototypes the true value of the idea appears and gets shape. Designing these prototypes into sustainable products takes a whole other approach, a path which is also familiar for me.

By traveling, unscrewing everything I can lay my hands on and by showing persistence I try to satisfy my hunt for the unknown.

Jerry de Vos
Thinker, designer, maker.

Timeline of my life

  • Sep 2018

    Start Intergrated Product Design master TU Delft.

  • Feb 2018

    Start Intergrated Product Design pre-master TU Delft.

  • March 2017

    Volunteer work for open source project Precious Plastic.

  • Jul 2016

    Bachelor diploma Industrial Product Design.

  • Feb 2016

    Bachelor graduation at Philips.

  • Aug 2015
  • Feb 2015
  • Oct 2014

    Internship in Singapore at We Are Perspective.

  • Aug 2014

    Internship at Pezy in Groningen, Netherlands.

  • 2013

    Second year of industrial design in Zwolle, Netherlands.

  • 2012

    First year of industrial design in Zwolle, Netherlands.

  • 2011

    Project for Pezy in high school

  • 2010

    Project for Melle Koot in highschool

  • 2006

    VWO, Nature and health, Werkman college Groningen.

  • 1999

    First perspective drawing at the age of 6.

  • 1996

    I have always been curious how things work.

  • 1993

    a 90's kid.

"Think hard, work harder" - Jerry de Vos

Core competencies

Idea generation

Always busy thinking of new, strange, beautiful and fun ideas. Transforming a shippingcontainer to a workspace, making sheets from recycled plastic or changing waste in a way of voting.

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Proof of concept

At a regular day my minds has lots of ideas, but which one is the best? Which one is plausible? By making proofs of concepts ideas can change into inventions. There is noting that says more as a real physical object, proving its use and letting the idea speak for itself.

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Connected products

Ease in an instant, life is getting easier with the newest products. First there was the remote for the TV, then there was a remote for anything and now we are connecting everything to the internet so each product can talk to each other and we can control everything by our smartphones.

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Manufacturing for production

Designing a new product is one thing, but making it capable of rolling out of the machine in the factory is a whole new thing. It's the difference between papers with a staple in it or a nicely bonded book. It's in the details like Moldflow simulations, stress strain calculations, FEM analyses, material selection, tolerances, surface finish etc.

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iPhone case - Precious Plastic

For the launch of Precious Plastic version 3 we wanted to showcase that you can also make very precise objects from recycled plastic. Thanks to my knowledge of production methods I designed a iPhone case, a mold to make the case which was later milled by 3D hubs.

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Helped with the realisation of the Ecozuil, a project by friend and colleague Hylke van de Kamp, the Ecozuil helps to create awareness about plastic pollution. I was responsible for the electronics in the Ecozuil, this made the Ecozuil interactive with touch sensors, lights and audio.

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Festival chair

First year Industrial design assignment: Make a seating object from a piece of cardboard. I made a festival chair which is easy to carry, easy to customize, handy for a nice rest and fun to take home.

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Made a home automation system for my place, by signing in with my smartphone I'm able to control my lights and other product from anywhere in the world. making coffee from my bed or turning on the lights when I'm arriving home. Internet of Things.

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You + Me = Innovation!

This website only gives an impression about who I am and what I do. If you would like to get to know me better I would like to drink a coffee or visit your company.
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