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Internship project at Pezy, a headband design for disabled.

Wood lamp

Lamp designed for a friend, with a remote and dimable.

Drain helper

Drain helper to make it easier to drain your pans

Makeup organizer

Makeup organizer, an easy and new wat to store your makeup.


Technical redesign of for B C window fashion, improvement of the mechanical part.

3D prints

Known with many possibilities of 3D printing, ready to use hinges, form models or testing units. FDM or SLS.

Bread toaster

Form model for a new type of bread toaster, ID year 1.


Prototype for a barbeque in greek style, ID year 1.

Heating element

Exploring new possibilities for an existing materials as a heating element. Project for Melle Koot, High school year 5


Research for the improvement of a percolator. Project for Pezy, High school year 6