Print Camera Kickstart

Project by Jerry de Vos

A simple camera to check print progress in Prusa Connect.

Plug and play camera to check print progress.

With Prusa Connect now fully up and running, it is time to bring it to the next level! Let’s add a camera to check the printing progress.

Over the last years, I developed multiple cameras to check on the print progress of my mini. With Prusa Connect now fully developed, I went the extra mile to develop something that smoothly integrates into your personal Prusa Connect!

I would love to give you the possibility to add a simple camera to your setup and make print spaghetti a thing of the past.

On initial configuration the Print Camera sets up its own wifi hotspot, this makes it easy for you to configure your wifi and Prusa Connect details.

640×480 resolution

image update once every 10 seconds (limitation Prusa Connect)

2.4GHz wifi

I started a