Hi, I am Jerry✌️

I Invent

To make a positive impact on the world

To inspire with glimpses of what’s to come

To create with my own hands

To help others learn and grow

Setup of Plastic recycling workspace in the Himalayas (2022)

Certains things are important to me

As a designer, I value the following things:

I want to be the solution, not the pollution

As a designer, I am committed to crafting solutions that contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly future rather than adding to environmental challenges.

I am curious to see how electronics will shape our future

I approach design with a curiosity-driven mindset, eagerly exploring the transformative potential of electronics in shaping the future.


Down below are two projects that are closely embody my values.

Plastic Scanner

  • Device to easily identify different types of plastic, enabling plastic recycling
  • Winner of the James Dyson international sustainability Award
  • Fully open source hardware to boost impact

Delft Open Hardware

  • Hand crafted community at the Technical University of Delft
  • Development of the Open Hardware Academy
  • Resources and tools to learn about open source hardware

“Think hard, work harder.”