Expertise & Values

Value #01

I share knowledge.

I’m driven by the belief that addressing major global challenges requires a commitment to shared knowledge. In my approach, I actively share findings and information to foster collaborative problem-solving. By openly sharing the intricacies of my projects, I aim to create a space where others can learn from both successes and challenges. This isn’t just about showcasing; it’s an ‘anti-patent’ mindset.

Growing knowledge for the world instead of the individual. I promote innovation by ensuring that insights are not confined but distributed for the benefit of all. Through this, I aim to accelerate progress, offering a foundation of shared wisdom upon which individuals and the broader community can build to drive innovation forward.

Explaination of plastic types Precious plastic
TEDx talk
Open Science NL meeting, TU Delft


Expert in open source hardware, I have years of hands-on experience in working in open source hardware projects

– Community Engagement and Growth, I helped to shape and lead the Delft Open Hardware community

– Knowledge dissemination, I share knowledge through presentations, workshops, and papers

Value #02

I make things.

In the real world, theory often meets reality with unexpected challenges. Products don’t always fit as planned, and mechanisms don’t always work seamlessly. That’s why I believe in the power of hands-on creation. By crafting prototypes and building products from the ground up, I transform assumptions into facts.

It’s not just about proving theories; it’s about showing that we can actually make products that work on a big scale. I’m all in for the practical side of things, proving that we can create products that not only look good on paper but can also be made in large quantities.

Recycled Plastic iPhone Case
PCB prototype of Plastic Scanner
Hands after work


– Problem-solving through Building, I identify and resolve critical design and manufacturing challenges that appear through testing

– Hands-on Fabrication, I have a good understanding of laser cutting, 3D printing, metal and woodworking with a specialty in electronics

– Fast results, I quickly build prototypes due to inhouse tooling, with a streak of 42 project in 36 months

Value #03

I Fight Waste.

Therefore, I wanted to fight this problem. It is all about getting your hands dirty to tackle the plastic problem from the ground up. Figure out what machines people need for recycling, research what resources each community has, and find ways to bring folks together. Giving people the necessary tools to start plastic recycling themselves. And the best part? It’s all free and open-source – because being part of the solution shouldn’t cost a thing.

Trash in the Himalayas
Plastic Scanner project
Announcement of precious plastic version 4 development


Expert in plastic recycling, I have been in the plastic recycling business for 5 years, developing new tools like the sheetpress, the washing system, and the Plastic Scanner

– Setting up recycling workspaces, From Algeria to the Himalayas I helped to set up recycling workspaces with knowledge about machines and training for the community

– Local circular knowledge, I can quickly scan a local environment and propose solutions for improved circularity and unique new possibilities

Value #04

I love electronics.

I’m fascinated by how electronics are changing the game in product design, bringing interactions we couldn’t even dream of a few years back. Exploring this new dimension, I dive into researching how these advancements can bring meaningful interactions with users.

Moreover, I enjoy crafting custom embedded systems for clients to meet their specific needs. It’s not just about keeping up with technology; it’s about harnessing it to create unique, tailored experiences.

Plastic Scanner development board
Tiny PSU project
Plastic Scanner inner workings


Tailored Electronics Solutions, I build custom embedded solutions for any possible project

– Custom PCB Design, I design and create custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) for various electronic applications.

– SMD skills, I feel comfortable designing, testing and using small SMD components with either inhouse hot air or reflow work